Blair Dunlop, award-winning British singer-songwriter and guitarist, has now released 5 albums 2 eps and toured the globe. He joins us with his band and maybe even some special guests...

  • Date: 10/06/2023 09:30 PM


Though a celebrated singer and guitarist, what sets Blair apart from his peers is the lyrical and musical maturity with which he writes. His third album ‘Gilded’ was widely acclaimed, gaining BBC Radio 2 Playlist status for the two single releases (‘The Egoist’ and ‘356’). Prior to this came 2014’s ‘House of Jacks’ and 2012 debut ‘Blight & Blossom’ (the quality of which contributed to his winning the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award). Blair has now cemented his place as one of Britain’s most exciting songwriters and performers. 2018 Blair saw the release of his 4th album ‘Notes From An Island’ on his own label to rave reviews.

  “An adept guitarist whose epic songwriting instincts prevail on a personal-political fourth albumMOJO

Blair Dunlop’s fourth album finds him fully ensconced as a singer-songwriter of maturity and sophistication”  RnR Magazine

Notes From An Island really ought to give Blair Dunlop the wider exposure he deservesRnR Magazine

On his fourth full length LP, Notes From An Island, he develops a more mature sociopolitical undertone to his music.”  Guitar Magazine

Blair Dunlop could help bring the genre back to the forefront of the UK music scene.”  Guitar Magazine

The busy crowd…is testament to Dunlop’s talents.  Dunlop brings an air of tenacity while displaying a fine repertoire of well-crafted songs spanning traditional and contemporary.  He’s determinedly taking the traditions of folk in his own direction”   The Independent

Blair has toured extensively in Europe and Australia, appearing at festivals such as Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival in the UK, and Port Fairy and Woodford in Australia. In 2021 he released his first live record, ‘Trails: Queensland’ which chronicled his 2019/20 tour of Australia.

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