This year we're bringing you Bluegrass, Americana, Indie-pop, Blues, Soul and Western Swing...and that's only half of it! Full line-up below...

  •  08/06/2024 09:30 PM

Infectiously good-humoured and packed with musical prowess, Rob Heron evokes the spirit of Bob Wills and Django Reinhardt with a quintet that shuffles and boogies with panache. “That’s one hot band right there!” – Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 2

  •  08/06/2024 08:30 PM

A unique take on a classic genre, Simeon fuses Country, Blues, and Soul music. “A star in the making… effervescent and raunchy country-blues… one to watch, if you weren’t already” - Lonesome Highway Mag

  •  08/06/2024 07:30 PM

EdleFest regulars, The Dicemen deliver a heady mix of folk, post-punk and indie genres from their acoustic trio. “Drawing on the greatest traditions of the protest song, but with a generous sprinkling of folk-punk irreverence” – David Dee Moore, Blues & Roots Radio

  •  08/06/2024 06:30 PM

Make a night of it - or even better make a second night of it - bring a picnic, and try and get there a bit early to reserve a seat - then enjoy a glass of Pimms or real ale washed down with a stunning midsummer evening view.

  •  07/06/2024 09:30 PM

Magnificent musicianship, gorgeous vocals and a lot of fun. British bluegrass at its best! “Stunning three-part harmonies, soaring fiddles and fearless mandolins...” - Country Music Magazine

  •  07/06/2024 08:30 PM

A young up-and-coming indie singer-songwriter with a great voice and songs to match. 'Stunning... open and honest' - BBC's Christian Carlisle

  •  07/06/2024 07:30 PM

From North Carolina and Yorkshire, you can expect poetic and beautifully authentic lyrics with incredibly tight harmonies. “Unstoppable… When Our Atlantic Roots play, you listen” - BBC Radio Cornwall

  •  07/06/2024 06:30 PM

Get there a bit early to reserve a seat then enjoy a glass of Pimms or real ale and a stunning midsummer evening view.